Wrapping up the Festive Period

Well merry Christmas one and all!! All of us here at DEADWAX HQ have certainly had a mighty fine Christmas and are now tearing our hair out with anticipation for the year ahead (not literally, we would never do anything like that to our own hair).

As many of you will know, all we wanted for Christmas was for a load of crazily beautiful people to come and watch us perform a banger at the all-dayer; and as many of you will also know, we must have all been very good boys this year as we certainly got what we asked for! To those of you that were there – our love for you knows no bounds, and to those that were not, where the ruddy hell were ya?!?! GET INVOLVED!!

And so, with the festive season all but over (orange tree NYE aside) we now set our sights on the brand new year. And me oh my what a year it is set to be – with a brand new EP on the way (exciting news of which will soon be released!), a new deadwax after-party HQ, and some super-safe, awesome-wicked, lets f*cking have it gigs on the way (keep checking myspace for updates) it really will be the greatest year anyone has ever had!! And as that old woman from “Coronation Street” once said: “Ken, have you seen that bit of watermelon I left on the stairs? I’ve got a killer to filler and no-one in this godforsaken place even seems to care!” To which Ken solemnly replied: “Nah, ya crazy wench, I’m off to see deadwax!” I always knew that Ken was a goodun…

Peace & Love



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