Apple Pie & Flag Burning

If eating apple pie and talking about justice is all you ever do, then you can remove my vote from the ticket, Doris. I’ll tell you for why, shall i?

“Pray tell, dear boy and let us bask in the light of your mental carnival”

Well I don’t mind if I do (but not before I’ve checked all the angles – you see, Gerry’s all for flag burning, just so long as his castor is well oiled). And so I shall begin: it all started with a well intentioned expression of hope, but alas, as with all these things, you never can tell what will happen when the rank and file start to feel the duress of excess. Before too long, the hedge had grown too tall for the gardener and all hell had broken loose on the under-side. “You just don’t know what you got till it’s gone!” cried the hedgehog wistfully from ‘neath the berries, and with that, the wisdom of ages became the dirt beneath the fingernails of giants and ogres alike.

Not to be outdone, Hague the Iconoclast sought out all manner of force from every wretched, stinking corner of the land which is now known as apathy, and with this new model army of ennui, mundanity and lacklustre lethargy he launched his attack on all that is shining and good in the minds of the masses.

“And the outcome?”

Well, you tell me friends, for I no longer have the spirit or inclination to continue on this path.

Of course, metaphor can be a cruel beast, and much of this may, therefore, be lost on the uninformed. But you and I, my most dearest of friends, we can sail the sea of confidence, safe in the knowledge that Rusty and Philippe will have our souls locked in gods kitchen cupboard – and no-one would dare steal that which they can quite easily afford – that just wouldn’t make any sense at all now would it?



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