Last Night at Cafe de Paris

So last night we headlined legendary venue Cafe de Paris.

The day started early at 12pm at Monotwin Studios where Tom and James loaded up a small family hatchback to the brim with far too much gear.  A task not helped by the heavy rainful that was constant throughout the day.  

After a long journey through traffic we finally arrived at the venue in time for our soundcheck.  Soundcheck was great and it was time to waste some hours in the local pub, Waxy’s Little Sister- a favourite of Deadwax. 

The venue was full by the time we went on after support from a group of diverse acts, including a female pop trio right before the mighty Deadwax.  Nonetheless Deadwax took to the stage and played a great gig with a new set which had excluded some of our older songs, ‘Nowhere’ and ‘Home’, and included new track ‘I Never Knew That You Wanted To’ and the long awaited return of ‘Indigo’.  All in all a very rock and roll orientated set which went down very well, both with the band and the crowd. 

After the gig it was all back to Clapham for a big after-party in honour of Big Al’s birthday.  Good times. 

Thank you for all those who came, it really was a great night.



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