Deadwax Featured in German Article

Deadwax have been featured on the German music website motor.de

The article, which is in German, has been translated into English for us which you can view below.  Alternatively for you German speakers, you can view the article in its original format by following the link at the bottom of this page.

English Translation: 

With their music, Deadwax seem to be digging up the era of the vinal record and the fearful sound of guitar rock, in a not completely dissimilar way to BRMC or Glasvegas.

When you first see the four boys of Deadwax, they all look rather well behaved- no telling signs of rock-stardum. Not over styled, no skinny jeans or leather jackets. There are only the sunglasses which always seem to be at hand, possibly to cover up the shadows left by the last concert night.

However, if you hear them play, the impression of four harmless, innocent-eyed lads changes very quickly: The drums rattle, the Amps are turned up on the huge guitars – and that combined with the voice of Richard Power gives a rock’n’roll six-string sound that’s completely sublime.

The London quartet live their lives with their heavy guitars, even heavier music and at the base of it al, a hell of a lot of energy. Their style of post-rock apparently comes from the same dimensions as Black Rebel Motorcycle club, Oasis and Glasvegas.

It’s not too far fetched if one listens to the words of singer Richard: ” I believe that nowadays a lot of bands resign themselves to being undemanding. But I don’t want to do anything that is going to make me average. Oasis were the reason that I first picked up a guitar. But it was the Beatles who moved me to write songs for myself. I became a big Beatles fan and would save up all my pocketmoney for their records. ”

 The name Deadwax, by the way, comes from the part of a vinyl record where there’s no music on it. It was Richard who put the question to himself one day, with a disc in his hand, wondering what the particular part was called.

” I found out that this piece is called ‘Deadwax’. I thought, finally, this is the perfect name for our band. We had been looking for a name for a long time. My mother suggested that we should be called ‘The Geese’. Luckily we all decided together on Deadwax. ”

The first EP to be released in Britain will probably be in June, followed by some gigs in Germany. So, are you dying to know if the band’s dreams and goals will get them to the top? Well, assuredly the boys are already sitting on their packed suitcases, full of enthusiasm and potential.

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