Our Rocket Ship Studio Diary

Hey all, just thought I would give you a quick  update to inform you all of our progress on our EP and to include a brand new video from the studio for your viewing pleasure.

Due to the fact that my bass is currently in repair, we decided to work on ‘I Never Knew That You Wanted To’ which already had a complete rhythm track- allowing us to work on other areas of the song. We spent most of the day recording additional guitar parts to evolve the song. The new guitar parts have really introduced some strong, interesting  dynamics to the song which really make it groove.

Vocals were the last thing that we did yesterday, and with Richard working his magic in the vocal booth it wasn’t long until we had ‘the take’. All in all it was a very  productive day and it seems like the song has really come together now, with new ideas coming from every direction in what was a very creative day. There are still some key elements to go into the song such as a brass section and some additional vocals, but the majority of it is there- and I can’t stop listening to it!!

The video that we have uploaded is just a sample of some of the things we got up to during our long day at the studio. Hope you enjoy it!



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