Name our EP

Well we are finally coming close to the completion our debut EP, and I must say that so far it is sounding great. Although there are many tweaks yet to be made, the bulk of the work is pretty much done.

Last weekend Richard spent both saturday and sunday putting vocals to the strong rhythm tracks that had been laid down the week before. As soon as he started singing, the tracks came to life in a way that really demonstrated how far his voice has come recently. There is a real roughness to it that has developed over the last few months, which really adds such a rich dimension to our sound. I really cant wait for you guys to hear what we are hearing in the studio, its going to be mega!!!

So with the EP set to be released shortly, this is where you, the fans, come in.  We have been so taken back by the support you guys have given to us over the past year, whether it be by introducing our music to your friends, talking about it on forums, offering us food and shelter, or just listening to it on your Ipod. We are so grateful. It is because of this that we want our EP to be named by you, the people who it is made for.

You can suggest names by e-mailing them to deadwax@live.co.uk or by posting them on our Facebook page. All names will be considered and the name we think is best will be used as the title of the EP, alongside a thank you in the EP sleeve notes. So get brainstorming! 🙂

In other news, we have an exciting day for you to put in your diaries. This saturday 19th of June we will be doing two gigs in 24 hours. Starting in Twickenham at 2pm, we will be playing the Twickenham Green Festival before heading up to Camden to support label mates I Dream in Colour at The Cavendish Arms. Deadwax are onstage at 9.45pm at one of Camden’s best venues, so come down and party with us!! 



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